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basic grind and seal Adelaide

Basic grind and seal Adelaide

Adelaide MPC is especially known for its fine basic grind and seal Adelaide residents and businesses rely upon. The basic grind and seal consists of using no less than a 60 grit finish to ensure that the machine marks on the concrete surface are not visible. This is the first stage of a 2-stage process where grinding the concrete down to the desired exposure level is met. Levels range from full exposure where stones in the concrete are highly visible, random exposure where minimal stones can be seen in the concrete, and light exposure where almost no stone can be seen in the concrete. Flattening and smoothening happen at this stage too.

The second and final stage is sealing where a high-quality, clear or coloured coating is used to protect the concrete surface.

Basic Grind and Seal

The final stage of the process is applying the penetrating sealer; this is done to protect the floor from water penetration and against most other staining materials such as motor oils, red wine, and mild food acids.

We recommend that the sealant be reapplied every 5 years this is especially important in high foot traffic areas.


basic grind and seal Adelaide
basic grind and seal Adelaide

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