mechanically polished concrete Adelaide

Mechanically Polished

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mechanically polished concrete Adelaide

Mechanically polished concrete Adelaide

We are a trusted name for premium mechanically polished concrete Adelaide residents and businesses rely upon. The Mechanically polished process involves grinding the concrete to clean the surface of any contaminants, flatten the floor, and expose the level of aggregate you, the client, want. The floor is now ready for the grouting/hardening stage which will fill in any cracks or holes that may be in the concrete, this will ensure the floor is perfectly prepared for the polishing stage.

What is mechanically polished concrete?

Exposure levels range from either a full exposure where stones in the concrete are highly visible, to Random Exposure, salt and pepper or burnished where no stones will be shown although some stone exposure choices may vary depending on your concrete.

The surface is finished with a Mechanical Polish (selection of either Matte, Saturn or gloss) finish. This is a Mechanically Polished surface, which is NOT a coated surface finish. This finish is exceptionally hard, will not scratch, is environmentally friendly, and should never require any ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of Mechanically Polished Concrete

More than being a form of sustainable design flooring as it utilises material that’s been placed, MPC has clear-cut advantages. Without getting too technical about it, here are the benefits of MPC:

Increase The Durability of Old Floors – You can increase the impact and abrasion resistance of old floors by mechanically grinding them to remove the top surface and polishing them to increase their strength.

Make Your Floors Water and Stain-Resistant – Prevent water, oil, and other contaminants from penetrating the surface by densifying and sealing the surface to transform the porous concrete floor into a tighter and denser floor.

Be More Friendly to The Environment – Maintain a healthy relationship with the environment by eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals used for maintenance and cleaning.

Save Money in The Long Run – You will save more money with polished concrete because it’s not as prone to damage, does not need replacing, and does not need a lot of maintenance.

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mechanically polished concrete Adelaide
mechanically polished concrete Adelaide

Adelaide MPC Maintenance Package

Although not necessary we recommend to preserve your investment and keep your floors looking like new that every 2 years you get a maintenance package (think of name perhaps). This is a quick and easy 3 stage process that involves us cutting back, resealing your floor and giving it a fresh buff to keep it looking like new. We suggest that you only ever use a ph neutral cleaning agents, if you have any questions about certain products do not hastate to ask one of our friendly team members.

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