We serve you professional concrete coating Adelaide residents and builders rely upon. There are different concrete coatings you might want to consider for your concrete floor. These are polyutherane, polyurea, and epoxy. All these are designed to seal and protect concrete from external forces like the weather, dust, water, chemicals, and the like. Our coatings have other purposes too, from aesthetics—brightening up a warehouse or manufacturing plants, to functional—anti-dust and easy-to-clean.

Concrete coatings can be modified too by including other elements that would give it anti-slip or anti-microbial properties. Such floor coating characteristics can be found in healthcare facilities or in food manufacturing industries. Whatever coating is needed for your concrete floor, our experts at Adelaide MPC will recommend what’s best for you.

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Benefits of Concrete

Aside from providing protection to your concrete floor, other benefits of concrete coating are dependent on the kind of concrete coating you will use.

For polyurethane concrete coating provides UV stability making it ideal for exterior concrete flooring application. It’s water, chemical, and abrasion resistant. It’s also durable and easy to maintain and comes in various colours and finishes. Polyurea concrete coating is used for fast application and curing. This is a hot spray application that dries in seconds providing you a short return-to-service time. Perfect for bridges, car park decks and the like. Epoxy provides the best durability property making it the most common concrete flooring coating in Australia as it is used on garages, workshops, showrooms, and the like.

If you need to know more about concrete coating, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to answer all your enquiries.

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At Adelaide MPC Pty Ltd, we specialise in mechanically polished concrete floors. With over 10 years of experience in the local construction industry and being born and raised in the country, we pride ourselves on our workmanship, reputation, and customer service.

We refurbish new or existing concrete floors to improve the aesthetics of your property, ultimately adding appeal and value to your asset. Whether it’s an existing or new concrete slab, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to tailor our service to suit your individual wants, needs, and lifestyle to ensure the finished product meets your expectations. So get in touch with our friendly team at Adelaide MPC today, we look forward to working with you every step of the way.

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